UTM Talks: Frosh Carnival

We pay a visit to the Frosh Carnival and meet some of the new faces attending UTM this year.

Host: Lin Tao
Videographers: Chloe Li, Tihmily Li & Christina Papaioannou
Editors: Chloe Li & Tihmily Li

Music: Wild Feelings – MegaEnx

The opinions and views expressed in this video are solely those of the individuals in the video and do not necessarily represent the views of UTM/TV, UTMSU, DEMSociety, and UofT Mississauga.

Filmed September 2nd, 2014
Video is sole property of UTM/TV.

What to do in Mississauga Episode 3

Ah .. exams are over, and finally the holidays are here! If you are not traveling anywhere this winter, and want to enjoy this jolly season close to home (with a low budget), then watch our video and learn about the fun activities in Mississauga and Toronto!

What to do in Mississauga Episode 2

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